Chat window is attached to your website. Visitors can comfortably chat with the facilitator and get support right on the chat window.

    • Chat window interface

      You can choose one from four basic sample for chat window in setting of Chat30s to suitable with your website. Chat window allow the user to resize the chat frame for easier reading.

      Set colors

      With the manipulation are provided, you can easily show your creative and character by setting the chat window or suitable for your website.

    • Business logo

      You can put your business logo in chat window to increase brand credibility and identity. When customers trust you, you can favorably support, advise and sales.

      Change the name and representative image

      Allow facilitator change the name and representative image, facilitator can create friendliness with customers by using representative image in chat window.

    • Language

      Using customer’s language is a best way to welcome and communicate with them. Chat30s have 2 main languages (English/Vietnamese) for chat window. You can choose the suitable language for your customers to increase friendliness for your website. Chat30s will provide more language in the future.

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