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    Chat30s - What is live chat?

    Chat30s is a chat online solution allows you to follow and connect to your website's visitors. Chat30s help you to chat online with customers, connect and better support to develop loyal customers for your website.

    A solution for e-commerce website can increase sales, suitable for online businessman

    Your customers will be supported faster than email and more efficient than telephone.

    With Chat30s, your customers no longer have to wait!

  • Why you should choose LiveChat?

    Choosing LiveChat to help your business not lose the opportunity to meet all customers visiting your website and increase sales.

    • Ancient times, Phone is the door to connect with customers. Nowadays, LiveChat is indispensable for a commercial website to connect customers to business

    • LiveChat lets business employees work anywhere,There is no limit on the number of employees on the switchboard serving customers at the same time. Livechat is operated by a powerful hardware server that connects to high-speed internet.

    • LiveChat helps you save time and money. Livechat gives customers the fastest deal and best customer support.

    Information services livechat


    SERVICE Price Order
    LiveChat - Cá Nhân
     17,000 d /Month
    LiveChat - BCN
     79,000 d /Month
    LiveChat - Professional
    199.000d /Month 159,000 d /Month
    LiveChat - Enterprise
    299.000d /Month 239,000 d /Month
    LiveChat - E-COMMERCE
    999.000d /Month 799,000 d /Month


    Chat30s is a comprehensive and powerful live chat solution. Each Chat30s feature is designed to help you with customer advice, customer support and sales

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